Domestic Projects

A selection of some of our recent domestic projects are presented below, involving a variety of window and door products.

Taft School Residence

Taft School Residence

This project is a Certified Passive House, Living Building certified (3 petals), LEED Platinum, Net Zero (HERS Index -17) and DOE Challenge Home. Plus, it won the DOE 2015 Home of the Year award. Designed by Trillium Architects and built by BPC Green Builders, the project is a masterclass on how to integrate the most sustainable home performance standards into an historically sensitive setting.

We're so proud to have our windows and doors in this project, we've written a Blog on it which you can read here

This project features both PassiV AluClad and PassiV Future Proof uPVC windows and doors. The entrance door used is the Klearwall Prestige product.

Award Winning Virginia Passive House

Virginia Passive House
The first certified Passive House project in Virginia (built by Adam Cohen of StructuresDB) is a private residence featuring Klearwall windows and doors. This project has been extensively featured in the media, including this news piecenews piece.

In the news article, the difference between conventional US windows and those designed to meet the Passive House standard is readily apparent.

This new-build Passive House private residence was designed by Kaplan Thompson Architects (Portland, Maine) and built by Patricia Shields General Contractor.

This project features our PassiV Aluclad window and doors, in this case with custom aluminum color on the exterior ('Vandyke Brown') and with pine on the inside painted with a teak finish.

The project also features an Ultratech front door (thermally broken). All the windows were designed with simulated divided lights and an SHGC of 0.61 SHGC was specified on the south facade with 0.49 on the north. Klearwall offers two profile types for these triple pane window and doors, a curved one which as a more traditional appearance (used on this project) and a square edge used on more contemporary designs.

Guilford, Connecticut

Guilford, Connecticut
Architect Philippe Campus utilized our A-rated Passivhaus certified, cost efficient PassiV Future Proof window system on this Passive House residence.

Large expanses of glass in sets of double-doors were used to make the most of the breathtaking southerly aspect and lake views.

See this project feature on Fox Television Home of Distinction here.

Onion Flats, North Philadelphia

AWARD WINNER! Passive House Awards: Onion Flats, North Philadelphia

Klearwall is proud of its involvement in the Onion Flats' project in Philadelphia.

This project features our PassiV Future-Proof range of high performance triple glazed windows, with an overall Window U-value of 0.132 BTU/hr.ft2.F (R 7.6)

A finalist in the 2014 Passive House Awards, Belfield Homes is a 3 unit townhouse development in North Philadelphia, in partnership with a Non-profit Community Service organization. The first certified Passive House homes in Philadelphia the project is a model for low income urban infill development, providing sustainable zero energy homes for those who can least afford the rising cost of energy.

Brooklyn Brownstone, New York

Brooklyn Brownstone, New York
This project by Jeremy Shannon and Nathan Priputen, also featuring a bespoke feature solid front door as with this Harlem project.

The PassiV Aluclad range was used on this project, with a black aluminum exterior and a white-painted wood interior finish.

The windows have the appearance of a double-hung character from the street, complemented by simulated divided lights on the top half using slim-line plant-on bars on the interior and exteriors faces with a dummy bar in the glazing cavity to give an traditional look which fits seamlessly into this neighborhood.

San Francisco Town House

Private Residence, San Francisco

Klearwall windows and doors are featured in this very extensive Passive House remodel project in the Bay Area designed by Andy Rogers Architect and built by Ewen Utting, ENU Construction.

The home received an additional level and the living space was expanded to include a kitchen / family room overlooking the rear yard, and a central floating stairway now brings natural light into every level.

This Buena Vista project was recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle


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    Click image for National Geographic article

Washington, 3 Miles from the White House
This Habitat for Humanity project comprises 6 modest row houses in Washington DC, set to low-income families. You can watch a time-lapse video of the construction process here, as well as interviews with the design team and future home-owners.

The video featuresvideo features a wonderful segment where the Klearwall windows are being installed, in this case the PassiV Future Proof Range.

Our window systems have proven to be a cost effective solution for low-income projects built to the exacting standards of Passive House.

Merrickville, Canada

Merrickville, Canada
One of our latest projects has just been completed in the frozen landscape of Merrickville, Canada in conditions of -9F.

The Owner, Anne De Gobeo, recalls in this article the excitement of installing "the biggest window I've ever owned" and looks forward to "basking in the warmth of January's crisp sunshine, all the while only inches away from the cold".

Anne used a mix of products on her project including the AluClad lift and glide door, PassiV Future Proof and the High Performance PVC in the garage.

Manhattan Townhouse, New York

Manhattan Townhouse, New York
We are supplying windows and to a gut-renovation of a Manhattan townhouse and have completed an analysis of energy costs and comfort levels comparing the existing single pane windows to (a) Energy Star windows and doors (b) our own Certified Passive House windows.

The differences between the three options are staggering and gives food for thought to anyone considering a deep retrofit project. Certified Passive House windows provide exceptional comfort whilst also realizing significant energy savings.

Harlem Row House

Harlem Row House
Design-build contract delivered by Jeremy Shannon and Nathan Priputen in Harlem. This project uses dual colour (grey on the outside and white on the inside) Eco-therm 58mm triple pane throughout, designed to give a double-hung appearance from the street. Klearwall also supplied a teak hardwood door to complement the original front door, a special order designed by Jeremy and his crew and a bespoke solution for this project.

The project is a complete gut retrofit, creating an apartment in the basement and three story private residence above, and proves that deep energy retrofits need not compromise the traditional street-scape character.

Wood Avenue, Ottawa

Wood Avenue, Ottawa
This private residence project was designed by Christopher Straka (Vert Design) in Wood Avenue Ottawa. The contemporary home is of an open plan design featuring lots of high performance extensive glazing areas. A spectacular 4-part 20 foot wide triple pane AluClad Lift and Glide Door to the rear opening onto a private deck and pool area. Elsewhere PassiV Future Proof windows and doors are used throughout, black in color.

The project includes plenty of floor to ceiling glazing to the front, including a feature window which stretches over two floors providing awesome views from a mezzanine level. In terms of solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), this project chose the maximum of 0.61 all over due to the shading provided by the mature tree-lined context.

New Canaan (Under Construction)

New Canaan, Connecticut
This Passive House residence designed by Trillium Architects used a selection of Klearwall products including our Passiv AluP+ windowsPassiv Alu Clad windows and Ultra-Tech hardwood doors.

A number of the windows used Simulated Divided Lights to give a double hung look. Dummy spacers were used to give the impression of separate panes for individual units.

Both window products are certified by the Passivhaus Institut, Germany.

Danbury (Under Construction)

  • Passive House Residence II, CT
    Passive House Residence II, CT
  • Passive House Residence II, CT
    Passive House Residence II, CT
  • Passive House Residence II, CT
    Passive House Residence II, CT
Danbury, Connecticut
This Certified Passive HouseCertified Passive House (PHIUS), Designed and renovated by BPC Greenbuilders and using our A-rated Passivhaus certified, cost efficient PassiV Future Proof window system.

This Passive House residence’s entire winter heating expense is $200 per year, which the client attributes greatly to the efficiency and airtightness of the Klearwall Industries tilt & turn window system.