PassiV Hardwood

The Passiv Hardwood window (formerly branded Eco-Passive windows) is designed to give the thermal performance necessary in energy efficient and Passive House projects.

"The triple glazed version of the window gives passive levels of performance"


  •     Durable hardwood frame with an insulating thermal core
  •     Fixed pane
  •     Glazing rebate to accommodate a 52mm glazing unit
  •     Triple or Quadruple glazed options
  •     Excellent airtightness and watertightness ratings
  •     Argon or Krypton gas filled
  •     Low emissivity glass, warm edge spacer bar and gas filling
  •     Hardware available in brass or chrome
  •     Available in a range of RAL colors
  •     Center pane U-value for triple glazing as low as 0.09 BTU/hr.ft2.F
  •     Frame U-value of 0.134 BTU/hr.ft2.F