Our Philosopy

At Klearwall, we are committed to making the built environment of future generations both less energy dependent and substantially lower in carbon emissions.


Our focus on reduced energy consumption translates simply into reduced heating and cooling requirements which is achieved through excellence in high performance windows and doors.

This requires a combination of innovative design and high quality energy saving components. The underlying intention that drives Klearwall is to provide the North American market with access to the highest standard of energy saving windows and doors.

This is achieved by providing Passive House Institute certified windows.

Authenticity: Certification & Standards
In a world full of copies and clichés, Klearwall is rooted in authenticity, with unequivocal commitment to orginality and warranty. We believe that our customers not only deserve the best, but can rest assured that this is exactly what they are getting. To this end, Certified Passive House windows hold a central place in the range of products we offer, involving rigorous and independent testing by the Passive House Institute, Germany.
Affordability: Driving The Extra Mile With 
Our Customers

Not content with reduced energy and carbon related possibilities, Klearwall recognises the need for its products to be available to the general public, developers and architects through affordability.
Thus, Klearwall windows and doors have been designed with simplicity and elegance, without compromising technical sophistication or aesthetics, involving an economy of production that is passed on directly to the customer. In a word, our business model accommodates competitive price points by providing clients with optimized energy performance Passivhaus Institut certified windows they can afford.

Eco-friendly Production

Klearwall’s concern for significant reduction in energy demands and carbon emissions extends beyond its products, to their very production.
All of our windows are manufactured in a plant powered by renewable energy. The plant is carbon neutral and harnesses its energy from two on-site wind turbines and a co-gen plant.
The facility is recognized as one of the largest of its kind in Europe, allowing Klearwall to provide short lead times within the quality standards of the Passive House Institute.