2127 Castro

2127 Castro is so precisely engineered that when you close the door behind you, utter quiet descends. That calming hush is owed to the heavily insulated, airtight building envelope and triple-glaze windows that are the hallmarks of Net-Zero, Passive House construction. *The New York Times recently described the resulting air quality of a Passive House this way: “The air inside the house feels so fresh, you can almost taste its sweetness.”

“No other home on the San Francisco market could pass the tests required at all phases of construction for Passive House certification,” says the builder, Ewen Utting on ENU Construction.

2127 Castro Unique Features
Zhender HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator)
Solar Panels
Solar Hot Water Heater
Custom Insulated 3 latch Front Door
Biometric Keyless Entry
Triple Paned Klearwall Windows
Nest Thermostat and Smoke + CO Alarm
Wired Home iPad
Charging Ability for Electric Cars

2127 Castro Pending Certifications
LEED for Homes
PHIUS+ Passive House
Energy Star (EPA)
Zero Energy Ready (DOE)
Indoor Air Plus (EPA)

“Passive buildings and homes are energy efficient and provide superior comfort, indoor air quality and resilience.” ABC 7 News

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